Innovation is the foundation of our business. We always strive for new horizons and present our clients with the best choices available. We not only dream about the world of democratized trading. We make it come true.


Thanks to Traderse, investors around the globe have access to the world’s markets. Unlike our competitors, many of which only offer access to European and US exchanges, Traderse also offers access to markets in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and many other countries. This approach gives clients the opportunity to benefit from a massive diversification of their assets.

Traderse is a regulated multi-asset broker trusted by clients from over 160 countries. In 2015, we started with a simple mission — to make trading easy and accessible for everyone. Today, Traderse has evolved into a one-stop solution for all trading needs. We strive to provide our customers with a superior and trusted trading environment, offering accounts with raw spreads, transparency and safety protocols, a powerful client portal, and award-winning customer service. 

This website operates under the Traderse brand in the American Economic Area.

The company operates under the name: Traderse

Legal Address: 301 Tower Rd, Ithaca, NY 14853

Owner: James Sazerland